27 Sep

Seating to Satisfy Everyone

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By the time you and your groom are ready to work on the seating chart, it can seem hard to muster the effort. His cousin does not get along with his aunt, your parents are divorced and remarried and can not stand each other’s new spouse…the list goes on and on and the worries can be exhausting!  Here at Venues in Paradise, we come across these dilemmas all the time and we truly sympathize with each new couple, so here are some tips to make planning the seating arrangement a little less stressful!

  • A new trend is simply having table numbers and listing names under each number, without specific seats.
  • No seating chart! Just let the guests sit where they would like and choose a color coded card for the meal choice they selected so to help the caterers.
  • A buffet and scattered seating make for a casual and light hearted special day.
  • Put the enemies across the room form each other, and keep the peace.
  • Assign this task to one of the bridesmaids or special helpers, that way you can not be held responsible for silly feuds, and they probably would not lash out at your friend!

That’s all this time. Hope you find this post helpful and best of luck to everyone!